NEO, New York

Date: 2010.

Punishment: Three years probation, $700 in restitution, gun license permanently revoked, mandatory participation in the "paint straight" program.

In 2009, police noted that '80s writer NEO was making a comeback. They knew he was a cop; informants had told them as much and he'd mentioned it in interviews. But he also implied he was "crippled."

The birth date on NEO's MySpace page was the same as that of an NYPD officer who had retired on a disability pension after injuring himself in 2001. On August 3, 2010, police arrested and charged the former cop as NEO.

He didn't deny that he was once the man behind the '80s tag. However, he claimed the NEO they were after was an imitator: he walked with a cane and was unable to get up in those kinds of spots anymore. At trial nearly two years later, the judge found him guilty of one tag over the Clearview Expressway. He was fined, given a lengthy probation period, and ordered to participate in Brooklyn's "Paint Straight" art program.

He was still denying the charge, even on his way out of court: "I didn't do the graffiti on the highway," he said. "That's why I fought this all along."