MFONE, Pittsburgh

Date: 2007.

Punishment: Two-and-a-half to five years in prison, $234,000 in restitution, 2,500 hours of community service, probation for life.

MFONE was the number-one vandal in Pittsburgh when police arrested him in 2007. On his person was his digital camera and 80 minutes worth of video.

Along with their brand-new graffiti database, they built a case against MFONE that accused him of half a million dollars worth of damages, even linking him to another tag—"BROWN EYES"—by comparing the E's.

MFONE pleaded guilty to 79 counts of criminal vandalism and was sentenced to between two-and-a-half and five years in state prison. He was also given $234,000 worth of fines, and community service equal to full time work for a year.

The word "FORGIVE" was painted on at least three buildings in the area, including a huge display on the Arsenal Terminal building at 40th and Butler streets.

The Junobo Paint blog reported he was released after a year.