COST, New York

Date: 1995.

Punishment: Five years probation, 200 days of community service, $2,126 in restitution. 

When COST was arrested in 1995, the media considered him and REVS to be New York's most prolific vandals.

COST's address was revealed by a police informant. He was arrested after a stakeout caught him putting a sticker on a mailbox. It was hoped he would not be connected to the COST graffiti all over the city. However after carving his tag, COSTER, across the top of the courtroom door, he eventually admitted to being COST.

He pleaded guilty to putting a sticker on a Queens Tribune box and for writing on a subway poster. In court, the judge estimated that COST had done over $100 million in damages. He fined him $2,126 in restitution, and gave him 200 days of graffiti clean-up. He denied the prosecution's request for jail, in order to spare tax payers. "This is a serious sentence so that you can be an example to anyone who thinks they can get away with this," he said in final sentencing.

COST's Wikipedia page says that he decided to retire from illegal graffiti soon after.