CHAKA, Los Angeles

Date: 1991.

Punishment: Three years probation, two years of counseling, 1,560 hours of community service.

When he was caught and charged in 1991, the prosecution called CHAKA "the most prolific tagger ever in Los Angeles." He was 18 years old.

Charged with 48 counts of vandalism, trespassing and $500,000 in damages, the police estimated there were at least 10,000 CHAKA tags up and down the state of California. Others said that was a severe underestimate.

CHAKA was fined and sentenced to a year in jail, but released for five months already served and given 1,560 hours of graffiti-removal.

A day after his court appearance, CHAKA was re-arrested for tagging the elevator door of the courthouse. The incident made the news, but the outcome is unknown.