BUKET, Los Angeles

Date: 2008.

Punishment: Three years and eight months jail, $117,196 restitution.

When BUKET's daytime hits on an MTA bus and busy Hollywood freeway went viral on YouTube, Sheriff's Deputy Devin Vanderlaan told The Los Angeles Times: “If he's brave enough to tag on an MTA bus in the middle of the day, I've gotta find out who this guy is.”

The start of the video featured a shoutout from Evidence of Dilated Peoples fame for the graff movie War 4. Most news outlets mistook this as BUKET bragging, and Evidence found his face wrongfully splashed across local media as one of LA's most wanted. This inspired the Evidence song, "It Wasn't Me.”

Once arrested, BUKET pleaded guilty to 32 counts of felony vandalism, and was released from jail for time already served. He was also given restitution to pay of more than $100,000.

Later he was re-arrested and charged with five new counts of felony vandalism. Despite having all but one charge dropped, he was given another $14,000 in fines and sentenced to three years, eight months in prison.