Lee Tamahori’s 1997 survival drama The Edge might be a great guilty pleasure movie—there’s more scene chewing here between Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin than you’re likely to see in ten other pictures—but it also contains two fantastic (and totally opposite) cabins.

When Charles Morse (Hopkins) and his much-younger wife Mickey (Elle MacPherson) arrive in some remote snow-covered location for her latest photo shoot, they’re lodged in a huge cabin that could probably hold fifty people if need be. It’s an insanely beautiful structure (obviously attractive enough for a photo shoot location) that only contrasts the teeny tiny nature of the second cabin we see later in the film when Morse and Bob Green (Baldwin) are trying desperately to stay alive in the wilderness. Two totally different, but equally memorable cabins in a movie that I dare you to try to turn off when you find it on TV.