Since 1860, Sunspel has been crafting superb basics. The brand's legacy remains in the quality of the goods, and also in a rich archive of company history. Creative Director Jonathan Anderson has mined these papers to gain insight on fabric development and even to discover old garment making techniques.

Not surprising.

Fascinating, however, is Anderson's eye for little graphic details in company correspondence. He's found, for example, maps detailing Sunspel's expansion into the West Indies, odd logos on letters from storage file suppliers, and an utterly bizarre images of a robot riding an octopus.

These fabulous graphics have been re-appropriated by Anderson for a new collection of limited printed garments. They tell the story of Sunspel not just through the craft of the t-shirts and sweatshirts, but through distinct eras and moments in company history.

Amusing, unique, and unquestionably fun, the collection launches on April 19, 2012.