Sean Sullivan, the man behind the photography tumblr The Impossible Cool, was recently afforded the opportunity to dig through the expansive Getty Archive in Los Angeles for his latest collection of photos for Sonic Editions. The limited edition prints went on sale yesterday, and include photos of timelessly hip celebrities like David Bowie, James Dean, Al Pacino, and Alexander McQueen.

We were able to ask him a little about his thought process, how he narrows down the pool of candidates, his dream finds, and which famous face consistently brings his A-game in all these vintage photos.

What's the latest year you'll go in terms of choosing a photo? 

For now, I would say late 70's. One of my favorites in the new collection of David Bowie is from '76. If all goes as planned we'll have some very current people among the ranks soon.

When it comes to consistency, who do you find kills it on a regular basis in these photos?
Michael Caine is always a sure shot. The look he had going in the mid-60's is pretty relevant to what guys are wearing these days. Francoise Hardy is pretty consistent as well. Scanning through the archives at Getty of her wasn't exactly tedious.

Will we ever see any hip-hop icons in this series? If so, who would you like to include?
Yes, 100%. Run-Dmc is obviously at the top of that list. Public Enemy, Afrikka Bambatta, Beastie Boys... Kool Herc had a good look going on back then. I'd love to personally photograph Jay-Z for the collection. 

What would be your dream photo to find?
I've been looking for backstage photos from The Last Waltz for a while. I heard Neil Young had quite the time back there.