Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister might have never met had it not been for their local barista. Clemens had been working on a way to perfect the button down shirt, and Burmeister had a couple of ideas on how to make pants more durable. When the two started collaborating, Outlier was born.

Their two flagship products are the ideal outcomes of what Clemens and Burmeister sought out to do. The Pivot Shirt utilizes a panel construction that's much more conducive to the way the body moves, as well as having a little bit of stretch in the fabric. When combined with moisture-wicking fabrics, the resulting garment is the kind of oxford shirt perfect for urban cyclists and guys who just want something comfortable to knock around in. The 4-Season OG Pant is made from Schoeller NanoSphere fabric, which makes them odor and stain resistant, repelling simple liquids like water to sticky substances like honey. They've also got a nice, slim fit that wouldn't make them look out of place in the office.

We recently trekked to Brooklyn to talk with the two founders about how Outlier started out inspired by cycling, and evolved into balancing form, function, and physical practicality. Each garment they make is not tailored, but rather engineered, focusing on the way in which the body moves. When that consideration is combined with superior fabrics and sturdy construction, the result is clothing that almost crosses the line from luxury to necessity. Enjoy this next installment in our Cut & Show series.