Old-school American sportswear retailer Brooks Brothers has dropped was is probably the most comprehensive starter kit for would-be preppy vacationers: a set of 44 cotton piqué polo shirts. The boxed set contains an array of colors ranging from familiar names like Ivory, Red, and Pink to the more obscure Peony, Claret Heather, and Amethyst. 

We suppose if you have a house in the Hamptons or a timeshare on the Eastern Seaboard, these would probably be ideal to keep there. They're available in a slim fit or original fit, and are available for three days only. The number isn't completely random: it's inspired by the cross street of the Brooks Brothers Madison Avenue flagship store. If you want one to take care of most of your summer clothing needs, it'll set you back a whopping $2,000. Don't worry though, that's the sale price. The original asking price was $2,838. So in the end, you're actually saving a little, we suppose.

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