Nike White Or Blue Label T-Shirts

Key Years: 1970s-1988
Price Range: $80-$300 on eBay 

Back in the days when it was still called "Blue Ribbon Sports," Nike's clothing was made in the USA and featured a white label. Also sought after is any T-shirt or jacket featuring the pinwheel Swoosh logo. This stuff can fetch a pretty penny on eBay, and also symbolizes a time when Nike focused more on running and track — just before the era of Michael Jordan would begin.

From the mid-80s on, Nike switched over a dark blue label for its gear, before settling on a red and gray tag that would signify its Jumpman gear from 1988-1993. Any T-shirts or track gear with the classic white label or blue label is likely made in the USA, and is not only dope, but worth a lot on the aftermarket.