Even at her most garishly grotesque, I find Marilyn Minter unendingly wonderful. Looking at her photographs is such a sensory experience – I honestly feel I can taste and smell what I am looking at, even if I have no idea at first what it is. That's another of Minter's great talents: taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary by completely shifting perspective, often with the aid of a lot of glitter and, in her show at Salon 94 last November, dirty, splashing water. The photographer, whose auction results continue to rise and whose designs will grace New York City's water tanks in 2013 alongside those of, amongst others, Ed Ruscha and Jay-Z, has also recently turned curator: her first project, The Virgins, featured artists who had never exhibited outside an academic environment and opened at Family Business, a new gallery owned by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni (Associate Director of the New Museum), on February 16.

Image: Marilyn Minter, Cat's Eye, 2006, c-print, edition of 5, 40 x 27 in (101.6 x 68.6 cm). Courtesy the artist and Phillips de Pury. (c) Marilyn Minter