Yeah he wears a lot of TOMS shoes. He’s into boots now more than he was with Chucks, but that’s his decision not mine.

So besides the D&G boots and the Timberlands, what kind of rugged footwear is he really


When you look at [Wiz], you feel like he’s a modern day hippie.



He wears Ronnie Fieg boots a lot. He wears the Ronnie Fieg moccasin shoes. Wiz has a pair of boots of his that he loves, and we have these combat boots that we got from the Army/Navy store recently that we customized, so he’s on his boot thing right now. 

Tell us about the kind of look you’re tried to convey for him on the Taylor Allderdice cover, and what items and what clothing choices made to bring that into fruition.

We were going for like a rebel type of look. You can see with the army jacket he’s wearing, and the Nudie jeans with the Timbs and the hat and then the Chanel scarf. We were trying to go for the effortless look where he doesn’t look like he’s shining too hard, he doesn’t look overly done when you see him.

Wiz’s sound right now is kind of like that old school, ‘60s Jimi Hendrix. It’s got an old school feel, it takes you back. So we kind of went back with the whole look, it’s kind of  hippie. When you look at him, you feel like he’s a modern day hippie. You see the Chanel scarf, you see the rebel, the military jacket, and you get that feel from him. Even the artwork on the cover, it just looks antique.

For sure, it’s got a nice sepia tone to it.

Yeah, that’s the whole feel we were going for.

So who makes the pants and jacket?

The pants are Nudie, and the jacket is Prps, with some Chanel pins, I don’t know if you can see that. The hat is a Nudie hat, and the briefcase we got at American Rag.

The bag looks cool too; it’s like an old school doctors bag.

Yeah it’s huge and its heavy.

Speaking of bags, do you help Wiz pack for tour at all?

Yeah, I do Wiz’s day to day. I do his closet, I travel with him on tour — I’ve been on tour for like a year. So yeah, I do everything, from head to toe everyday.

Does Amber Rose also give feedback on his outfits? Does she tell him “I think you should wear this instead,” or are those decisions pretty much just you and Wiz?

I think she lets us do us, but she loves the look anyway. When she’s around she gives her opinion, but she’s cool with everything.

You’re doing a good job. He’s looking pretty good these days.

Thank you.

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