What are some recent projects you really enjoyed working on?

Vakser Zeltser: We just finished the Ted Prize. We are currently working on the Ford Foundation annual report again this year. We do the infographics for Good.

Peraza: I think the most exciting piece we've worked on over the past couple months is actually a pro bono project. We were hired by Studio 360, and they wanted us to redesign the branding of teachers. It's this big, broad hypothetical project. We had about a week to think about how the language of teachers could be redefined and do justice to the intellectual effort that goes into teaching. We wanted to highlight the flexibility of teachers and their role as a guide rather than a condescending dictator in the classroom. The existing visual images are very childish: apples and abcs. They are for five year olds, if that. Teaching encompasses students of every age level, and we wanted to create a language that is respectful and exciting. We presented the work on the air to Kurt Andersen and got a lot of comments. It was very well-received. Some teachers wrote us and asked that we make the work openly available so they could use it. We created a site called InspireTeachers.org that has all the assets that we created available for download. We wanted to create something we could give to the public and let them do whatever they wanted to do with it.

Vakser Zeltser: In many ways, we got lucky that this is such a hot topic. We got to redesign a subject that is so close to everyone's heart. 

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