Luke Pelletier is a Chicago-based painter and printmaker heavily influenced by youth and skate culture. He began drawing in high school – developing his skills by documenting his “alternative school” surroundings, i.e. drug addicts, delinquents and the like. His current work still alludes to his past, revisiting some of those marginalized characters, in a remarkably fresh and engaging way - that falls somewhere between grunge and pop-art. Currently, he is preparing for the opening of a one-day-only ‘zine release show in Chicago, “Can’t Grow Up”, focusing on artists involved in skate culture. The show will feature artists Wes Humpston, Michael Sieben, and Jimbo Phillips among others. [feelitflow]


"Can't Grow Up", Saturday March 3rd, 7-11pm, FREE

Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan St., Chicago