Were you surprised by the positive feedback SDR received? What was the worst-case scenario and what was the best-case scenario?

We were always very honest with ourselves about a) this is an experiment and b) there's a longer-term strategy here. Ultimately, we really want to build the Skinny Dipping Report into a brand that can add on value to a collaboration with another brand. For example, the most important part about the Ace Hotel is not the hotel itself, but the brand. The name can add so much value to other collaborations. One way that we've put it to ourselves is what if you could create the Ace Hotel without the hotel, to create a thing and build off each successful collaboration? The hope at some point would be, for example, to do a limited edition sunscreen with an existing sunscreen company. They have the product; we can add some cultural relevance to that.

Between the ephemeral meme and that long-term brand entity, we want to find the middle ground; a portfolio of these things that people can buy into. We all come from advertising and creative backgrounds, and a lot of times the client isn't able to take the risk to create something like this. Increasingly, agencies are going to need to put their own equity into it, to create something and test it. That's how the start up world works. This is a first venture into that.

Do you get any negative feedback from the nudist community? I read one comment where someone said he'd been doing a similar thing for a long time but no one was paying attention. Then, you came along and sort of stole his thunder.

You know what? We saw that and we loved it. I think that's the first sign that you're invading something that people care about. We wish that they had challenged us to some kind of duel. Who's really the world's leading authority? It would have been great.

Sure, but on some level, it has to be a good way to get beautiful girls to send you naked pictures.

Yeah, I only wish. We'll see how it goes.

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