The NBA All-Star Weekend never disappoints. The weekend is one huge party full of celebrity appearances and concerts that get fans just as hyped as the basketball events themselves. As an added bonus this year, the TNT broadcast team of future Hall-of-Famers kept the jokes coming. Kevin Hart delivered laughs and snagged the MVP award for the Celebrity Game, Jeremy Lin had his All-Star Weekend debut, Kevin Love pulled an upset over Kevin Durant, and the West won a close game that kept viewers from watching the Oscars.

Players also try their best to show out in style over the weekend. Aside from post-game coverage, the All-Star break is the only real time players get to showcase their flyest gear. Varsity jackets, colored jeans, and eyeglasses were popular. We didn’t score each player as if it were the dunk contest, but we picked out who wore it best this past weekend. Check out The 10 Most Stylish Players From All-Star Weekend 2012.  

Written by Obi Anyanwu (@ObiAnyanwu)