California tech accessory brand HEX has just released a spring/summer 2012 lookbook video that shows us exactly how it's done. By "it", we mean how a guy can have a stylish, yet functional way to carry all of his cool gadgets when he's ripping and roaring about the city. The video showcases this season's impressive variety of products, including the Recon Sonic Backpack (tote and sleeve), Vision Metal Watch Band, and Academy Backpack. Also featured is HEX's newest collection called Fleet—a 12-piece accessory line of messenger bags, backpacks, laptop sleeves, and totes to style-up gadgets and gizmos, all providing superior protection.

Some of the goods are available on their webshop now, so if you're looking to cruise the streets in style and protect your shit, Hex is the way to go. [HEX]

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