Daniel Arsham
Big Drip
Fiberglas, joint compound, and paint
48 x 96 x 8"
Courtesy of the artist and OHWOW.

I’m always trying to think of different ways to potentially manipulate the walls, or the ceiling, or the floor. I’m often looking for physical properties of manipulation, the way that things would erode or melt.

So, I’m often thinking about the natural processes and the physical quality of materials to integrate into an architectural surface. In a number of the works in this exhibition, that is the property of fabric, where it can stretch and fold. I’m integrating that sensation into the walls directly. The Big Drip is an architectural intervention that allows the wall to drip almost as if it’s melting down the wall and onto the floor.

All of these works began with a simple idea about how I can manipulate surface and the form of architecture. I’m always looking for a specific type of formal language: the dripping, stretching, pulling, or the eroding