At one point, all-over prints were so out of control that a brand could slap anything on sweaters and T-shirts and call it design, but this hoodie right here is a fail on another level. An attorney snapped this picture of a man facing drug trafficking charges who had an interesting choice of gear when he appeared in court. Instead of cleaning up and going safe by wearing a suit and tie, he wore an all-over print sweater with the graphic being how-to instructions on cooking crack cocaine— yeah, he's really about that life. Making the best impression in court can sometimes rule in your favor, so it’s not hard to think what the judge ruled on this one. Here's what the attorney had to say:

“I realized the gentleman who was up at the podium in front of a judge charged with trafficking is wearing a jacket with a how-to manual of how to cook crack cocaine. I couldn’t believe the gumption this person had.”


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