Rappers love to show off their wealth, and there's no better way to do so than with diamond-studded plates hung on platinum and gold chains. Fuck around and get a nice car, but it'll be outdated in a year. Invest in a chain and you'll floss your stacks for waaaayyyy longer. Our obsession with ice is at an all-time high—it's December, it's the holiday season during a recession, and we're aspiring for flawless stones in the new year. Thus, we asked the dopest jeweler right now, Ben Baller, to rank the best chains in hip-hop. He knows everything there is to know about fine jewelry. Just check IF & Co. for the proof, and read his words right here:

Let me start off by saying that ranking the 50 greatest chains was hard just because there are so many fake chains in hip-hop. Another thing is that just having a cross or Jesus piece will never make the list. These chains are ranked for creativity and not necessarily the amount of money they may cost. Also, a disclaimer: this is my list. But I'm being honest and fair, from being around jewelry for over 30 years, and making and being close to custom jewelry for over 10. This is my livelihood, my profession, and I'm recognized for making some of the best custom jewelry in history.

It took me a few months to come up with this list. I could have put every single chain that I made on here, but every number has a true position and I didn't play favorites. Some may say I forgot a chain or two, but I doubt it. This is my professional opinion from being involved heavily in hip-hop and jewelry, and professionally respected in both. Most of the shit you may think should have made the list is either fake or in bad taste.

It's also not easy to speak good about jewelers whose work I don't fuck with, but I made this about the chains. I put my personal opinions about some jewelers to the side and let this rock. Not all jewelers are consistent with their work, but if one of their chains made this list, then it was their best work. I salute to all you out there grinding it out in the jewelry game in this recession, still making artists shine. I will keep doing my thing, you should keep doing yours. And a note to the new rappers out there getting their first shines: do your research—the game is different now. Style and quality > size and carats.

I'm willing to answer questions or reply to comments when I can, so speak your mind below. Here we go...

Written by Ben Baller (@BENBALLER).

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