You wake up with a mouth dryer than box of uncooked oatmeal and still taste the whiskey lingering in the back of your throat. You're not quite sure who the hell this person next to you is, but you can't be bothered to even think about it because it feels like there's a mosh pit in your head and everyone's noses are getting broken. To top it off, you forgot to close out your tab at that next-to-last bar you hit up.

Congratulations, you're hung over. Unfortunately, that temporary sickness won't keep errands or work away, nor will it cancel brunch with that group of friends that keeps guilt-tripping you to chill with them. It's also no excuse to look like a slob. Being comfortable doesn't necessarily mean dressing sloppy. Here's some tips on how to keep yourself put together while you're fighting a killer stomach ache and bouts of nausea. If last night was mad real, check out Sunglasses and Advil: A Hangover Style Guide.

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