“With our brand, it really is something we started just for us. The owl being bootleg to the point where I see people walking around with owl sweatshirts—it blows my mind. And me and Oliver [Oliver el-Khatib, Drake’s brand manager]  talk about it all the time like, ‘Man, what should we do? Should we just make these sweaters and sell them?’

I want people to be a part of our movement, I just want it to be right. And everybody else wants me to make it with the cheaper fabric and put it in Macy’s and ‘Oh don't worry we will make 100 million in the first year.’ Naw, fuck you, because that's not what we are about. I'm not ready for OVO to be that. Because OVO is still something I represent. I'll go make that money one day off something else. When someone gets my OVO jackets, or gets my sweater I want them to be like, ‘That's my shit, this is mine.’"

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