With a new movie in theaters today, all eyes are back on Jim Henson's most famous creations, The Muppets. At the helm of the new film is Jason Segel, who is striving to make the '70s puppets relevant and modern.

Considering Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the gang are primarily composed of fabric, combined with their kid appeal, it's a no-brainer to slap their recognizable faces on a bunch of merchandise and start hawking it. But a funny thing happened during their rise to pop culture stardom — they started developing celebrity lives.

No strangers to parody, muppets have been depicted in fake ads poking fun at brands like Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have also received shout-outs on the show and in the 1997 book spoof Miss Piggy's Rules. The Muppets' unaging nature and iconic status have made them ideal for plenty of fashion designers and brands to showcase their wares in a unique yet recognizable way. In addition, they've also been involved in some capsule collections for both fast-fashion retailers and more luxurious boutiques. Here's a rundown of the most memorable. Check out The Complex History of Muppets in Fashion.

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