It doesn’t take long to notice that T-Pain is not exactly “winning” in the style department. One look at his masks, top hats, and circus outfits makes us want to scratch our heads and scream, “what the fuck you wearing?!” As if his clothes weren't bad enough, the man loves to accessorize with mind-boggling chains that make us wonder if they’re actually real or just costume jewelry. And if the chains do cost more than his outfits, we feel sorry for him. Dude should've invested in real estate! 

But we don't want to be too mean. It's T-Pain's 26th birthday today and some of his chains are kiiiinda awesome. And he released a new music video last night for "5 O'Clock" in which he says, "she'll be waitin' for me naked with one of my chains on." OK THEN! Check out our gallery of T-Pain's Most Ridiculous Chains.  

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