Gangsta rappers have never been this...cute? Isabel Samarus is a Californian artist who was inspired by the infamous photo of N.W.A., "The World's Most Dangerous Group." She painted all the members as nathatches (a type of bird) minus MC Ren, who she just painted as a wren (another type of bird). Sooooo clever. Check out the images above. She made sure to represent each bird with the corresponding rapper's hat of choice. Awesome!

In her words:

Eazy-E was kinda, um, “not tall in stature,” and as it so happens there is actually a pygmy nuthatch (I love the universe), and MC Ren kinda needed to be an actual wren, the rest are proper nuthatches with Dr. Dre up top, DJ Yella in the middle, and Ice Cube in the lower left about to take flight (he split N.W.A., didn’t feel like he was getting his fair cut since he wrote most of the songs).

You can check out more of her work on her blog.