Where do you see graffiti going in the future?

I think there are a few different roads graffiti is traveling at the moment, call it the high road and the low road. the graffiti movement in it's purest ( illegal ) form continues to evolve and gain momentum worldwide, while it's evolution as a legal medium above ground has never been more potent and interesting too. The work that modern masters like Revok, Rime and Pose do with aerosol these days is mind-blowing, and there are heads all over the world doing amazing pieces almost daily. Plus, of course, graffiti continues to impact graphic design and advertising, and will remain permanently ingrained into the landscape of modern typography too.

The attention given to the MoCA show definitely raised the profile of the movement and made graffiti more of a "buzz word" again than it has been for a while, but at the same time, I believe the focus given to the notion of so called "street art" has also created a bit of a distortion.
Modern graffiti in it's deepest roots and tradition has always been about writing you name, and to me, the true essence of graffiti will always be based on letterforms and the stylization of the written word.

As an art form that is now over four decades old, it continues to evolve and progress on many levels in many mediums, but no matter how abstract or what other forms we may individually choose to express it through, there is still an underlying original blueprint that we all honor, and no substitute for a fresh tag, throw up or piece outline.

Finally, If you were to do another album cover, who would it be for?

Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne or Kanye...why shoot for less than the current holders of the crowns? But if I had a time machine...Jimi Hendrix, definitely, hands down.

All photography: Carlos Gonzalez.

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