Known Gallery has had some great shows in the last year. How does it feel to be on Fairfax and share your work with that scene?

Known Gallery is one of the galleries out here being run by people who have been born out of and fully support the same culture I feel most aligned with. I actually did the very first inaugural show at Known with my Stussy collabo installation in 2009,  and the directors and I have also been fam through the street wear movement since the early 90's.

Known Gallery has emerged as a legitimate platform for many artists within the current movement, and I believe - like the work itself I am presenting in this exhibition -  they also manage to exist in the fertile grounds between fine art, design and graffiti roots. The Fairfax district has definitely emerged as a legitimate epicenter for all of these worlds too.

I'm interested in what you think of other artists that stretch traditional notions of typography and symbolism - like RETNA and SheOne - both are unique, but also represent a new trend in pushing graffiti roots a little beyond the norm.

For sure, these are the elements that interest me most, both in my own work and that of of my peers. I am a huge fan of Retna's work and what it represents, and his ability to present his language in black and white and such minimalist terms also speaks very much to me.

Greg Lamrache  ( aka SP-One ) is also doing an installation of new work deeply rooted in type and abstraction along side me at Known this time,
and I definitely consider his current styles some of the best and most original work being done by artists originally born out of the graffiti movement.

Other artists who deal in these notions whom I greatly respect and admire include Delta, Mare 139, Saber, Remi, Chaz, Push and West.

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