How do you define beauty?

Estevan: Life.

Eriberto: Every kernel of life has its beauty. Just turn over the rock and it will reveal itself.

Which of your shoots has been most memorable and why?

Estevan: To the world, hands down the LA FINGERS shot that so many have gotten
inspiration from. That shot has definitely put me on the map worldwide. I took it in 1995 in downtown LA.

Eriberto: Again, I have no single one, but several. I love shooting behind the scenes of Estevan, I love shooting street people, beautiful woman, architecture, graffiti, etc. I must say street people passionately grab me, maybe because I know what it's like to be first hand in their situation. It's no trip. It's a bitch and it's no party when you've been pulled down into the bowels of the city. It leaves an imprint on your forehead that you never forget. We each come into this world full of piss, wind and fire, but what happens with our lives depends on us. When things around you come tumbling down, you can either get up and dust yourself off, bite the dust or live a "life of quiet desperation." This is what my artwork for the most part represents.

Eriberto Oriol, Need A Helping Hand, 2000. (c) Eriberto Oriol

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