What's your favorite car and why?

Eriberto: Don't have one. A car is a car and it will get you from A to Z as any other. My car is my feet. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet.” Put this in our time: “Men and women have built the car and lost the use of their feet.” This is why so many people have major health issues. I love to walk the streets of LA, especially downtown, because the whole world comes through it and it's engaging!

Estevan: I love my 64, even though she gives me headaches. She's a woman, so she's supposed to - but man she makes me feel good when I'm rollin her. My 47 Fleetline just is old school - it doesn't get better than that. It only goes 60 mph so you just cruise. My 2006 Road King - I wish I could drive that everyday. I miss my Cadillac DTS'. For now I have an all black outfitted Dodge Ram 1500 with a super chip that I roll for work. He's mean. I like him.

What's the most important thing you've learned from your father/son?

Estevan: Pops always had me around some kind of art whenever we spent time together, but he never pushed it on me. When he and his wife Angelica gave me the camera, they just said, “You are into some cool shit - you should take some photos of it.” At that time, I was tour managing House of Pain and lowriding with my club, Lifestyle Car club. The rest is history. My family didn't have much growing up so I think that's what gave me my drive. Stand for something or fall for everything.

Eriberto: What's the most important thing I've learned from my son? Absolutely nothing! Just messing with you. He is so good at sucking you in emotionally into the character of a person. He brings the people he shoots right up into your face. This is what separates him from the pack, including me. When I'm working with or around him, I shadow him and know he's going to take me where I need to go. I just follow his rhythm as the poet the word.

Eriberto Oriol, Rain In LA, 2011. (c) Eriberto Oriol

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