This Saturday, October 2, 2011, Carmichael Gallery opens a special exhibition pairing legendary LA street photographers, father and son, Eriberto and Estevan Oriol. While documenting similar subjects, Eriberto and Estevan have carved unique, individual paths in the arts. Estevan is famous for his famed work with the Soul Assasins crew and cut his teeth at Cyprus Hill's tour manager. His father, always modest, is represented in the perminant collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Both men have taken illuminating photographs of LA's low rider culture and the city's gang life. In total, Like Father, Like Son shares 50 images with equal number for each artist.

Like Father, Like Son opens on October 2 and runs through October 29, 2011.

Carmichael Gallery, 5795 Washington Ave, Culver City, CA.

Ahead of the exhibition opening, Complex caught up with Estevan and Eriberto to talk photography and familial pride. Click next to read the interview.

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