Aitor Throup is an English designer with quite the impressive Curriculum Vitae. A graduate of the prestigious Royal College of Art, his senior year collection was titled “When Football Hooligans Become Hindu Gods” and informed by brands like C.P. Company and Stone Island in addition to Indian mythology.

He later went on to work for those brands, and is known for his unique illustration style and unconventional design approach, eschewing the common practice of releasing collections per season in favor of special projects. However, it was his 2009 redesign of England’s home football jerseys for Umbro that brought him into prominence.

Focusing on a tailored fit and designed with the players’ body movements during the game in mind, the kits were a hit for their balance of tradition, aesthetics, and performance. His most recent capsule collection for Umbro, the Archive Research Project, delves into the 87-year history of the brand with key pieces inspired by heritage but revolutionized through modern construction and design.

Complex talked with Aitor about his design process and signature illustration style, as well as what he hoped to accomplish with the Archive Research Project.

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