This is a special edition of our "We Love Girls In..." feature. We really love girls in sweatpants. So much so, that we even included some old music videos into the mix with some commentary. Just listen to Drake's "Best I Ever Had" where the words, "sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on," have never been truer. Yeah, your girl looks good when she's getting ready for the club with her friends, but every dude gets to look at that. When it comes to her house/cleaning/work-out gear, only you're experiencing her in chill-out mode. And we're not talking about her Juicy velour suit or her tight yoga pants—girls don't mind wearing those in public. We're talking straight-up sweats on some Champion shit. So get ready to lounge with your lady friend this weekend and check out girls in sweatpants.

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