When did you really start expressing your love of Americana through art?

I was always the kid at school who was drawing all the time.All the cereal boxes characters like Fruity Loops, it was so eye catching. Then Channel 4 started showing NFL coverage. I started drawing the Miami Dolphins logos and all that. The Americana caught on very early. When I went to St. Martins I was studying advertising, I thought I'd get a proper job. I decided to do advertising as there was money in it. And I got a job as a junior art director. The environment of the office wasn't for me. I was commissioning stuff that I wanted to be doing myself so I left after 6 months and then I went to work for Stussy. It’s [Americana] just something that naturally evolved.

I started doing skate graphics and doing a few basketball things in there. I was trying to put it back into the artwork that I was going for other people and maybe rub off some of that era in my artwork. From one show into another show, your style gets a little more defined and now I have this show coming out it seemed like a perfect opportunity to use as a launch pad to explore it and after this I can go off on another tangent. It will still be connected to Americana but it might be different elements.

The skateboard was the one piece of Americana I could obtain and use and everything else is on TV - you can't actually participate. I could get a skateboard. That's probably part of the reason why I'm so in love with skateboarding, It's like a souvenir of that whole world.

It's like peeling back that gloss of Americana and showing the reality of it but while celebrating the love for it. I'm not trying to shit on it at all….I’m just trying to celebrate it but showing the reality at the same time.

Do you have a preferred artistic medium?

I use spray paint because it gives me a flat color without any brush-marks in it. And that goes back to the saturday morning cartoons and the board graphics and an element of graffiti. Then I use Indian ink or this acrylic ink that I found that doesn’t leave brush-marks as well. So when people look at it they think it's printed.I'm after that perfection. When people look closely, they see the human flaws and errors. It plays back to that perfect world and when you look closer you see the cracks in it.

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