What's the next big style trend?
Shaun: I’ve been getting into vests. I just keep finding these crazy ones. I’ve got seven right now. One’s Indian-style, one’s blue denim with these gold circles, and another one’s like a washed-out white with all these holes in it. I really love the look where it’s like a denim vest with leather sleeves coming out from it.
Jesse: I only wear my vests with tank tops. No sleeves at all. Totally the opposite.
Shaun: I’ve gone that route. I’ve also been planning to wear a bunch of different boots because I’m in the snow.

Is there a favorite brand of boots that you like?
Shaun: I like Wolverine. That’s a really cool one. They’re like dressy work shoes.

Wolverine is starting to get extremely stylish as of late.
Jesse: It’s funny because the other half of Wolverine is extreme workwear. It’s straight up lumberjack.
Shaun: They saw me wearing a pair at a photo shoot and they were like “Thanks for supporting the brand!” and sent me these extremely tall boots. I was like, “where am I going to wear these?” It’s been fun, though. I think the cool part is that I travel so much so I’ve got these super hippied-out shirts from Bali and then I come here and get a cool leather jacket. And Japan...

How was the style in Japan?
Shaun: It’s insane.
Jesse: Everything is a US medium.
Shaun: If you’re like a [size] large out there, it's always in stock because everyone is so small.
Jesse: I hate shopping with everyone because they’re all killing it out there. And I’m like, “is this tight on me?”
Shaun: But it’s cool because you find new stuff out there. I found this denim shirt that came with these weird Indian-print pockets. They were super cheap and I got them in four different colors. And it’s one-of-a-kind stuff that you’ll never find over here. So I think cruising around Shibuya and Tokyo and those places is like a goldmine. Their clothes are really experimental so you’ll see some stuff and be like "I would never in a million years wear that or want to make something like that," but there’s two elements of it that are really cool and will inspire something else.

And that gives you the inspiration to start with your guys' collection.
Shaun: Yeah, exactly.

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