Last week Oakley opened its flagship store in NYC, and several Oakley team riders including Ryan Sheckler were on hand to check out Oakley's new digs and create some customized shades. We took the opportunity to speak with Sheckler about his favorite video parts, scroll down to check out Ryan Ryan Scheckler's 5 Favorite Skate Videos.

Toy Machine: Welcome To Hell
Ryan says: "This is the first video I ever checked out, and I still definitely watch it to this day."

GIRL: Yeah Right
Ryan says: "This is one of my all time favorites."

Bones Brigade
Ryan says: "This is from when I was real young. My dad was the first to put me on to this and used to make me watch it back in the day."

Lakai's: Fully Flared
Ryan says: "I really like this one. It's just such a great video."

Plan B
Ryan says: "Any of the old Plan B videos... I'll be done with my Plan B part by the end of the year. I've just been grinding trying to finish. It's been going really well."