After a recent work trip to Vegas, I felt this post would be of service to our readers who 'Fly the friendly skies' on a regular basis. As we all know, baggage handlers could give an 'f about your luggage or the contents therein. As the belt at baggage claim began, I saw several pieces of lugagge shredded, ripped, or spilled out completely for all the world to see, but this can all be avoided if you invest in great luggage. One of my favorites is the Limbo made by German-heavyhitter Rimowa. Constructed of an extremely light-weight polycarbonate material, which is an almost indestructible plastic, that is super impact resistant...which is what you need as your bags are being man handled from place to place. Rimowa offers a ton of lugagge in different sizes, colorways, and price points(some inexpensive items as well), so when shopping around on their site, have all of your needs in mind.

Browse the Rimowa site, and find the luggage for you.