Tom Ford has conquered the fashion world—his namesake label has been worn on every actor and rapper alike—but he also has a keen sense on how to be a proper gentleman. Yes, Tom is the lone savior of chivalry. In the Spring/Summer issue of Another Man magazine, Tom gives his Five Commandments on how to be a gentleman, and we've summed them up for you:

1. Be yourself.
2. Have a job.
3. Have some manners (hold your lady's coat, make sure she walks on the inside of the street).
4. Don't be an ass (pretentious, or racist).
5. Don't wear shorts or flip-flops (unless you are on the tennis court or at the beach).

While we respect Tom's work, we have to go against the grain, because we can't give up shorts, that's just crazy talk.

[via Gawker]