The Breathing Architecture, 2010
Acrylic on Wood

Part of “VERTIGO” Collection

Alex Pardee says: "This is my favorite of my recent 'Vertigo' series, a group of work focused on the physical representations of nightmares. For years, my technique would go like this: I would get a loose idea, if any idea at all, and scribble until it morphed into something completely different.

"The 'VERTIGO' paintings were a completely different challenge because I did everything with the exactly opposite approach. I treated each painting like an art-directed commercial job that I gave myself because I wanted all of the paintings to be something new. I wrote descriptions of what I wanted to paint and forced myself that even if I got stuck on the concept, I would still just FIGURE out how to make it work. I think that discipline helped me learn quite a bit with this new collection.  The discipline and satisfaction that I had learned from doing work for Sucker Punch & Inglourious Basterds inspired me to apply that discipline to my own personal art and the final result was fulfilling."