Escaped Convict(ion), 2006
Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Alex Pardee says: “This image is by far the most popular image I have created up to day. I personally love this image, but probably for a different reason than anyone else.

This piece was originally created for a band that hired me as art director, but when I completed it, the band became hesitant, and ultimately backed out and went a different direction.

But I had grown close to the image during its creation, and so I didn’t want it to just get thrown in the rejects pile, so I took it and put the image out as one of the first prints available through my startup art & print company called Zerofriends, and the print ended up selling out almost immediately. In the last 4 years, this image has been licensed by a lot of companies and has appeared on shoes, hats, websites, skateboards, and has been bootlegged like crazy."