Dear Terrell, we know it's cold out there at the Sundance Film Festival, but is it too hard to make an effort? To be honest, we don't hate the gray sweats with the Sorel boots you've going on in the bottom half. It's very Boot-Camp-Clik-hitting-the-bodega-in-a-snowstorm steez. Gully. We're also not mad at the fit of your suit jacket on top. But throwing on a piece of formal wear over your pajamas is not how you dress to a party! Where's the consistency? And the hat. THE HAT. What The F*ck You Wearing T.O.?! It has ears! Is this what happens when you let your children dress you? Did you let them out of guilt because you didn't even know of their existence till they reached puberty? We're pretty sure that's not how parenting works. You look like you're on your way to Furry prom, man. FAIL. [via]