Buy It Now: W)Taps Suspenders T-shirt

Today's Buy It Now, the W)Taps Suspenders T-shirt, is not only an awesome top, but it also comes with a little story as well. Harking back to the days of yore when Fred Perry shirts were appropriated by lovers of ska, this two-tone, black-and-white colorway on the suspenders represented the same racial unity embodied by the Caribbean x American jazz/R&B x British mod x shit-kicking movement. Isn't that just vainglorious? So, when you throw on those new straight-fit raw indigo jeans (that you're deathly afraid to wash), slip on this tee, and try to get your own multicultural swirl on. All in the name of harmony. Just don't get caught skanking...

W)Taps Suspenders T-shirt
Click Here to Buy It Now at The Glade, $95


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