Buy It Now: Dee & Ricky Multicolor Bow Tie

Sometimes for an outfit to get propelled into the "perfect look" stratosphere, a simple accessory needs to be added—this is where twin designers Dee and Ricky step in. After gaining notoriety for their Lego red-heart brooch, the duo has hit us with today's Buy It Now: the Multicolor Bow Tie. Still incorporating their signature use of the colorful toy pieces, this versatile add-on can be pinned to a fitted cap, a varsity jacket sleeve, or worn as is on a collared shirt. Even though the asking price is a little hefty, spending a few extra duckets is a good look for wedding season. Especially if you're not the dude paying 1.3 bajillion human dollars for your new bride to throw herself a prom.

Dee & Ricky Multicolor Bow Tie
CLICK here to BUY IT NOW at Dee and Ricky, $125


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