Just in time for spring, The Hundreds has released the matte versions of their very popular Phoenix sunglasses. Available in purple or black. [The Hundreds]

Etnies and Sunday Bikes work together for a pair of sneakers (Number mid silo) and tricked-out BMX bike. Sunday team rider Aaron Ross took part in the project. [Rad Collector]

For all of you out there that just can't let go of the instant gratification Polaroid products offer, Impossible Projects has started selling cartridges for the now defunct cameras. [Crunch Gear]

Photographer and director Patrick Hoelck shows in Berlin at Pool Gallery. Entitled TAR, the series runs through to May 3, 2010. [Curated Mag]

Austin artist Katy Horan is awesome and holding a solo show. Check it out if you're still down south, perma-fried from SXSW and convinced you're gonna live in Texas forever. [Tokyo Blues Blog]

Honda gives their old-ass Asimo Robot a facelift. The guy's more streamlined but still looks a bit like if an MS-DOS computer and a ToTo toilet made sweet love and had a baby that sorta looked like both parents but in a not a cute way. [Gizmodo]