Black Friday is just over a week away, but you're an amateur if you wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get your holiday-shopping on. That's why we're today unveiling The Complex Gift Guide, a super-fresh interactive catalog of present-worthy items that will satisfy all the cool people you like, love, or smash on a semi-regular basis.

What's inside? Well, along with the greatest Complex-approved clothing and kicks that you all know us for, we've curated loads and loads of cool stuff—everything from computer mice to soccer jerseys to Legos to rare Scotch whisky to Modern Warfare 2 throat communicators to Kanye West books to Snoopy box sets to Crank 2 to switchblades to RiRi's new LP to Kubrick Watchmen figures to muthafuckin' remote-control boats that go 300mph. (See how Complex we be?) And each and every item has both a direct link to purchase and an "ASK FOR IT!" button so you can let all your would-be Santas know that you've got enough striped ties, thanks. So, get to clickin' and get your PayPal weight up, 'cause it's about to get grizzly out there...


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