Just because the Skittles look is tailing off doesn't mean that your outfit needs to be devoid of all color. A little flash here and there can make your outfit pop like a bottle of Rosé. If you're looking to inject some flavor into your wardrobe this summer, you may want to look at what appears to be the hue of the season: neon.

We've seen this trend on the streets of Berlin, New York and San Francisco, and although a neon overdose is an automatic fail, the right neon accessories can liven up your outfit without making you look like a Euro-raver. Whether it be a full-on look like on our eccentric homie Taz Arnold, or quick hits—like lite-brite sneakers from Nike and adidas—neon is the color for this summer. But is it over-the-top or just on-point? You be the judge. Tell us how you feel by voting on whether to 'HUMP' or 'DUMP' the trend below...

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