Buy It Now: Red Wing Leather Work Boot

Call it the Whole Foods effect'when a store has a terrific reputation, it can sometimes entice shoppers to pay a little extra for its product. Presentation, reliability, customer service and inventory all matter, which is why we're fans of Stockholm-based retailer CaliRoots. Yeah, it's based in Sweden, and yeah, you might be able to find some of its stock for cheaper elsewhere, but CaliRoots is always worth checking out for the latest and greatest in streetwear. Each item in its online store is expertly photographed from multiple angles, with descriptions that give customers the info they need.

Take the beautiful boots pictured in today's Buy It Now, available at CaliRoots. They are a classic shoe company's most classic silhouette'the Red Wing leather work boot, a favorite of real Americans (and real American wanna-bes) for over a century. Handmade in the U.S.A., these boots are crafted with heavy-duty oiled leather that starts out stiff but softens over time (ayo!). One pair will last you a lifetime. For two more great pics of the boots and Buy It Now info, see below...

Click Here To Buy It Now At CaliRoots, $313

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