You might remember we told you this back in April...

Yankees fans have it easy.

The Bronx Bombers win all the time. They have 27 World Series titles. The interlocking NY is iconic. Management spends money, conducts business “the right way”—the Yankee way—and dominates the headlines. 

It’s a little different being a Mets fan.

The Metropolitans have spent their entire 53-year existence playing second fiddle to the Yankees. They’ve only won two World Series, have been conned by history’s greatest white-collar crook, and still pay Bobby Bonilla a million bucks every July 1st, 20 years after his last game with the team.

So all things considered, you’d think it’d be a lot more fun to be a Yankees fan.

Think again...

Now that it's September and we've witnessed what's shaping up to be a pretty magical season for the Mets, we felt compelled to add a few more to the original list of reasons why its more fun to be a Mets fan than a Yankees fan in 2015.

What started as seven reasons has morphed into 11coincidentally the number of wins required to capture the World Series. So be prepared to be educated, enlightened, and entertained all over again. And apologies in advance, superstitious Mets fans.