What building blocks do you need to build a great wide receiver? Great hands, of course. You'd need football intelligence and execution to properly run timely routes. There's an immeasurable scoring ability that has to be there, and toughness is always a plus. With those talents, a necessary bit of charisma also comes naturally. As contract talks between Dez Bryant and the Cowboys are heating up, the question about how valuable a superstar wide-out is circulating. These 10 examples show the exact type of impact a franchise receiver can make. 

You already know who's the top dog, but the other nine are debatable. Numbers don't hold as much weight when it comes to receiving, because of different eras and rule changes. Cats like Paul Warfield and Don Hutson played during a time when running it down a team's throat (II) was the name of the game, so where do they rank? Then you have dudes like Randy Moss and T.O. who had all the talent but (according to some) lacked certain character traits of championship players. These are the 10 Greatest Wide Receivers in NFL History