Is LeBron James going to leave the Cavaliers next summer and take his talents to Los Angeles to play for either the Clippers or Lakers?

Over the weekend, Blake Griffin said that he doesn’t think LeBron is going to do it. During an appearance on the Views From the Cheap Seats podcast, Griffin went as far as to say that he could see LeBron playing for the Knicks before he plays for one of the two L.A.-based NBA teams. And that opened the door for a paparazzo to pose a question to LeBron on Sunday night in L.A. about whether Griffin is right in his assessment of the situation.


The TMZ photographer ran up on LeBron while he was making his way towards his Porsche and hit him with a question about Griffin’s Knicks comment. But LeBron was having none of it. "I don’t even know what you’re talking about, shawty," he said in response.

That, unfortunately, didn’t stop the paparazzo from asking him more questions. "You’re in L.A. right now," she said. "Clippers or Lakers?"

But LeBron dug his heels in and refused to acknowledge her questions, let alone answer them. And once he climbed behind the wheel of his luxury car, he turned up some 21 Savage and pretty much let it be known that he was in no mood to talk about his NBA future.

You can check out the clip of LeBron stonewalling the paparazzo in the clip above. If nothing else, it proves LeBron is going to continue to stay silent when it comes to talking about the possibility of him playing in L.A. during the next phase of his career.